L13 Edition spéciale n°6 – Le sujet

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« I am looking forward to have many participants in this great contest »
Jan Beyer (Community Operations Manager)

« LEGO Architectural contest – definitely my favorite combination. I was
wondering why I love so much to build architecture out of LEGO – it’s
because it fits so well together. Both LEGO and architecture are on the
edge of two different things – architecture can and is art in many ways,
but in many other ways it’s simply a engineering process to make something
useful and shape the space we live in. Your home doesn’t need to be an
architectural masterpiece, but it needs a roof, walls and doors. An modern
art museum on the other hand should be art itself and it is built to
provoke and to amaze. The same is with LEGO – always on the border of art
and engineering toy for kids. And we AFOLs are here to make people believe
and that LEGO is art – we should amaze and provoke them with our ideas and
make them realize that LEGO is truly a lot more than a regular child’s toy. Enjoy this beautiful contest and show us your skills! Kind regards, »
Matija Grguric

Concours « I Am An Architect »
Réservé aux membres de BrickPirate inscrits avant le 13 octobre 2011
date du contest : du 13/10/2011 au 11/12/2011
Soutenu par : Matija Grguric : http://www.flickr.com/photos/32195273@N05/
Je tiens particulièrement à remercier Jan de  LEGO Danemark pour tous les lots qu’il ma gentiment mis à disposition et son intérêt pour le L13 !

Retrouvez les informations dans le sujet dédié sur le forum !

Bonne chance à tous et soyez créatifs

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